Current Projects

Working with Grow the Music, anyone can discover their potential to make music.

Young Aboriginal boy playing drums in the music workshop program with Grow The Music

Current Projects

Wes Slater Instrument Donation Program

Can you donate an instrument?

Everytime we work with a community, we also offer a range of instruments to program participants, thanks to the Wes Slater Instrument Donation Program.

If you would like to support a budding musican who doesn’t have the means or access to buy an instrument, donate one today!

Since 2012, we have been re-homed over 500 second hand instruments to musicians in need.

Help us take your pre-loved instrument to a new home. We appreciate donations of new and used music equipment in all major cities.

Festivals & Events

We work in partnership with festival and event managers to deliver a seamless and successful live showcase of First Nations music.

Giiyong Festival

Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Garma Festival

Bush Bands Bash Festival

Voyagers Uluru

GTM have built very real and deep connections with First Nations communities and the mutual respect and trust that exists is a key indicator of success.

Dave Walker

Green South Records

Volunteering & Donation Opportunities

We’re looking for donations & volunteers for our recording studio in Coffs Harbour NSW, and for our remote community projects across Australia.

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Thank you for supporting a budding musician!!! 
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