We believe anyone can create music.

Working with Grow the Music, anyone can discover their potential to make music.

Two Aboriginal boys playing drums in their remote community

Music is better
made together

Through Grow the Music's development workshops, projects, performances & events, music becomes a powerful tool for developing self-expression and increasing wellbeing and connection with our peers and wider community.

Despite our different languages, cultural practices and histories, it is the universal language of music that connects us.

Grow the Music workshops often lead to a performance, and for many of our participants it is the first time they will have experienced the sense of empowerment and pride that comes through making music and performing together.

Everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection when music is made together.

Grow the Music does not just ‘fly in and fly’ out. They commit to the long term support of the musicians and singers they mentor. They create leaders within the communities through their ongoing connections.

Susan Bear

Triangle Youth Events, Cobargo

What we do.

Grow the Music offers a suite of music workshops designed specifically for your community. Together we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

remote community projects

Music Development Workshops

music events & festivals

audio production services

Remote Community Projects

Spanning 3 or 4 weeks, we deliver an intensive program of music development workshops, mobile recording, song production and film making to remote and regional communities.

Every program culminates in an intergenerational music event and performance opportunity that involves the whole community.

Ongoing consultation with community elders is at the heart of our mission to support training and future events and to continue to offer performance support to artists and musicians.

Music Development Workshops

High Schools

Grow the Music staff engage specific groups of students in songwriting and rock band workshops using instruments, music and lyric games.

Our student-led approach can bring increased awareness to current social issues within the student body and the wider school, strengthening cultural identities in individual and groups.

This can include the production of an original song and the making of a film-clip with professional filmmakers.

Grow the Music mentors are experienced in working with young people experiencing disadvantage and aim to connect with musicians to support their development and future performance opportunities.

Connecting with community:

We work proactively with First Nations musicians from the local community to support your outcomes and provide a meaningful connection between students and the wider community.

Primary Schools

Our primary school based workshops engage specific groups of students using drumming, recycled instruments and music games.

Grow the Music's Tyre Drum workshops allow students to explore recycled instruments and make a practice Japanese Taiko drum out of used car tyres.

We also offer Early Childhood music workshops, exploring the foundations of music and singing, using percussion instruments, music games, rhythms and rhymes.

Song & Film-clip Production

Be part of writing an original song, with experienced music producers and develop songwriting and music production skills.

Collaborate with music mentors and learn foundational skills in rhythms, singing and songwriting to develop original themes, instrumentation, lyrics and song structures.

Grow the Music will deliver the final product as a broadcast quality recording, mixed, mastered and radio-ready for promotions and on social media platforms.

In addition, we have a list of professional filmmakers, who work seamlessly with our team to produce an original music film clip.

Music Events & Festivals

Supporting community events and festivals to provide world class performance support to artists and musicians across Australia.

We work in partnership with festival and event managers to deliver a seamless live showcase of First Nations music and contemporary and traditional world music. 

Audio Production

We have the facilities to set up a mobile recording studio. We bring the most recent technology and digital recording equipment to each project.

We love to work with individual participants to refine and record their own songs, language and stories.

We write songs with groups, of all ages and backgrounds, and bring a decade of experience working creatively with multiple language groups and CALD communities.

We also have a recording studio located in Toormina on the East Coast of NSW.

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