Kaltukatjara (Docker River), Central Desert

Grow the Music delivered music engagement workshops and recording sessions focused on engaging men and women aged 14-25.

Project Details

Kaltukatjara (Docker River), Central Desert
Northern Territory
2017, 2018
3 weeks
CDP: Music Engagement and Recording
Volunteer role summary:
37 original tracks recorded and mixed and a Community Concert for local bands. Unearthed Docker River Band.
Local bands and musicians were engaged in recording sessions to capture their original music which led to an increased engagement with the CDP jobs program at the time. A core group of 32 young men and women participated each day. A total of 46 original songs were recorded and 37 of these were mixed and presented to Anangu Jobs and the recording artists at the end of the program.
Docker River Band, Rob Tilmouth, Wild Brumby Band.
Artist Profile:
Supported by:
Anangu Jobs, MacDonnell Council

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