Mutitjulu, Uluru, Central Desert

Music and Art workshops leading to Community Concert and further opportunities for local bands to perform.

Project Details

Mutitjulu, Uluru, Central Desert
Northern Territory
2017, 2018, 2019
10 weeks
Whole Community Music Development
Volunteer role summary:
3 x Music Programs, 3 x Community Concerts, 1 x Art Program, 3 x Art Market Performances
Across 2 years, Grow the Music was employed in Mutitjulu to provide CDP activities and support community events. During the first program, with Guest facilitator and Master percussionist Greg Sheehan on the team we first met Mutitjulu young leaders, Kimberley Taylor and David Moneymoon who were extremely instrumental in the success of the program going forward, that engaged young men and women in music, art, film and performance. The Mutitjulu band worked hard for several weeks before travelling with GTM to Alice Springs to play at the Araluen Arts Centre. They then went on to perform at the Mutitjulu Naidoc event, and Voyagers resort in Yulara. Subsequently the band gained a life changing opportunity to travel to Sydney for the ABC’s Recording Studio T.V series and the rest is history!
Mutitjulu Band, Led by David Moneymoon and Kimberley Taylor.
Artist Profile:
Supported by:
Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation, Anangu Jobs, Wana Unkungtja, Voyages

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